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What to do with Gooden and Felton?


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Do I hold on to Gooden and felton for a while or do I drop one f them in favor of Bayless, Boubois, Stashing Brook Lopez, James Johnson, OJ Mayo, Ridnour or stashing Hawes? This would happen on Monday of next week

PG - Mike Conley, Raymond Felton, Jeff Teague,

SG - MarShon Brooks, Jason Terry, Kobe Bryant

SF - Danilo Gallirini, Gerald Wallace,

PF - Ryan Anderson, Gooden

Center - JaVale McGee, D12, Deandre Jordan

If you choose one of the ones that involves stashing also include the non injured player that you think would be best for my team

Also what do you guys think I could get for a package of Felton and Gooden? I'd be looking for a 2 for one trade so I could snag someone off of waivers

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thanks for the advice - I think i'm going to try to do felton and gooden for andre miller - i made the offer but the owner declined as of now- i think if gooden keeps playing like this he'll accept so I'm going to hold on for a bit longer

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