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Rose, Tyreke, Scola for Dwight, Rondo. WHIR

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This is a repeat, but I could use some more feedback as it may be a make or break move

The trade is:

My: Derrick Rose. Tyreke Evans, and Luis Scola

For: Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, and Jameer Nelson (or Ben Gordon..)

Obviously I would be changing strategies, but am I overpaying here? I am worried about Rose's toe, Tyreke has been very inconsistent, and Scola has been underperforming. Also, should I be worried about Rondo's wrist?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated and if you leave a link I will be sure to return the favor. Thanks

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All this talk about Evans and how much he has been horrible he just showed what he could do tonight. I would say that Rose for Dwight is a even trade. So it leaves Rondo + Gordon (Nelson only if you really want a point guard in return) for Evans and Scola, and when Evans plays to his potential I don't think I would do it. Is it possible to hold out on the trade until Rondo comes back for a game or two? I think this makes the trade much easier to do especially when you also give Rose and Evans some time to prove themselves again.

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