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Make a move or stay put?

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Team and league info in my signature........FYI - The categories are just PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK

I'm thinking about dropping one of Shumpert/Landry/Hawes for.........






CJ Miles



Bayless is tempting.....thoughts?

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Eh, I'm still not buying into the hype for Bayless. Barbosa won't disappear there, and while they will need to fill up the void that Bargnani left, I just don't think Bayless will have another game like this all year. This was probably the best line he'll put up.

If anyone though, I'd drop Landry for him.

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i like Miles and Meeks from your list and drop Shumpert and Landry

We don't count 3's in this league so I think that makes Miles/Meeks less valuable. Outside of points they don't offer much else in this league.

I'm leaning more towards Bayless and Hayes because they can give points, rebounds, assists, and some steals.

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