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Rose, Cousins, S.Jax for Durant, Ray Allen, Lou. WHIR

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Me and the other owner have been going back and fourth and it looks like its come down to:

My: Derrick Rose, Demarcus Cousins, and Stephen Jackson

For: Kevin Durant, Ray Allen, and Lou Williams (or Felton)

Basically, this would be a pure value trade. The real question is, am I getting enough value in return to move my only real big man? Would love to hear some thoughts on this as I am somewhat torn.

As always, feel free to leave a link and I will be sure to return the favor to the best of my ability.


BTW: Is Lou Williams an upgrade from S.Jax? Would Felton be a better target?

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I would no do that trade at all. You are giving up way to much...KD is good but not good enough to give up both Rose and Cousins with Allen's age and injuries....Lou mostly scoring / few assists...Felton some nights great other not so great. Cousins has proven consistent and Rose is a beast. Stephen Jackson very inconsistent but still not a good trade.

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