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Blake Griffin for Rajon Rondo (and pick up Brook Lopez)


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Hey guys. I have Blake Griffin, but I'm in need of assists/steals more than points/rebounds.

I am thinking about trading my Blake for Rajon Rondo....and then picking up Brook Lopez (and therefore dropping either Baron Davis or Luke Ridnour).

What do you guys think?

Team and cats are in my sig.

Currently 10th in assists, 9th in steals, but around 8th-9th in rebounds. Everything else is fine (punting FT%).


I will try to help if you want to leave a link.

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Hmm Yea, that might be a better option for me. I'm still winning in most categories every week. I may just have to bank on Baron Davis helping to give me somewhat of a fight weekly with assists...and just try to continue dominating the big man stats (and even more more w/ Lopez).

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