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My Ty Lawson for Javale Mcgee. WHIR

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My: Ty Lawson + Chris Kaman

For: Javale Mcgee

I will be acquiring D12 and Rondo soon and believe Mcgee would be a better fit for my new strategy. The other owner is currently 2nd place, is looking for a PG, and could invest in Kaman. However, Is this too much for Mcgee? I am sliding in the standings and would rather package Kaman in a trade than drop him. Some thoughts on this?

Leave a link and I will get back to yours as soon as I can. Thanks

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As a Ty Lawson owner, I find it hard with his value to be in a package deal for McGee. Remember, McGee is still in the immature phase but plays like a beast. If you want blocks, you could try for James Johnson at a much cheaper rate and rebounders are a dime a dozen. D12, when he is motivated to play, can grab 20+ boards a night and Josh Smith (as a owner too) is dominating the glass with Horford absent. I would suggest a different player and not become enamored with McGee's potential.

Help on my topic would be appreciated! :D


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