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Hey guys,

I just wanted your opinion on a bunch of moves I did in the last 2 weeks or so to revamp my team. I was struggling a lot with Injuries after I traded Jrue + Millsap for Dirk and Bogut, then found out that Dirk had to go through his week of rest and Bogut went out for 8=12 months. So I felt the need to adjust my roster accordingly.

The Players I gave up are on the left, and the ones on the right are the ones I received

Dropped: Bogut for Gooden

Dropped: Eric Gordon for Ginobili

Dropped: Blatche for Beaubois

Traded: Rose + Al Jeff + Nene for Love + Ellis + Ibaka

Traded: Turkoglu + Beaubois for Collison + Frye

Dropped: Frye for Harris

Dropped: Harris for Pekovic

Traded: Rondo + Collison for Lowry

Added: JRich

However, I'm always trying to look into picking up the next hot waiver pickups, and really liking Biyombo (and maybe Reggie Williams) going forward. Would it be worth dropping Pekovic, JRIch or another person on my team (listed in sig) for them?

Thanks if you read it all, and leave a link - I'll reply!

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Like the Bogut for Gooden - Did the exact same thing :)

Only thing I may of done differently would of been to hold onto Eric Gordon since you've been holding onto him for so long. Possibly picked up Ginobili instead of Beaubois. That is however if you could of afforded the hit and the wait in your current standings.

Regarding making more moves, I would personally stay put and see how this group feels but also keep an eye out for the pickups.


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