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I dropped Dalembert for Nikola Pekovick. Mistake?


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That's right, I dropped Dalembert. My team is good with blocks but I'm suffering in FG percentage an I could use more points. Dalembert has been in a annoying funk and Kevin Mchale has been limiting his minutes. And talks of Houston targeting Kaman made me nervous. Nikola Pekovic has been performing well, a few more blocks would be nice. What do you think? Bad move by me?

Also other big on waivers are......Trevor Booker and B. Bismack.

PG- Curry, Rubio, Vasquez

SG- Wade, Kobe, Dudley, Fields

SF- Rudy, Gallo, G. Hayward

PF- Lee, Ibaka

C- M. Gasol, N. Pekovic

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Bismack seems to be in for some good minutes down the stretch but we'll have to see how well he performs in the long run. I personally took a chance with Pekovic over Booker and Bismack though. Maybe you could have tried to trade Dalembert because he is still valuable with his blocks imo.

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