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I been proposed these two trades. Which do I accept or decline?


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Trade Offer #1: His DeRozan for my Stuckey.

Trade Offer #2: His Tony Parker and Randy Foye for my Mike Conley and Tyson Chandler.

The second trade seems laughable as I literally LOL'd when I first saw it, but I want to see your reactions to these trades.

League: 9 standard cat. Roto on Yahoo

My Team:






D. Lee

T. Chandler



Kemba Walker


Lou Williams

Brook Lopez

As always, leave a link.

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It's definitely a good idea to sell high with Chandler as his value is bound to drop when Amare and Melo get back. Roy and Tony isn't that bad a catch, but I think you can aim higher.

Chandler for Aldridge is definitely out of the question though. Chandler and Conley for Aldridge is better...not automatic veto-able, but I doubt the Aldridge owner would bite. Worth a shot though.

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I would jump all over trade 1. Any way to move Stuckey is usually worth it. Trade 2 though as said is garbage. You deserve more. Maybe get Derozen then do Derozen and Parker for Conley and Hibbert? My problem is that I dont think Hibbert is ever going to be elite. And I think Chandler will keep outproducing him and Foye. I think Conley and Parker are probably going to have a similar rank at seasons end so it really comes down to what you arnt getting back for Chandler. The way he is playing now I would need Hibbert + Foye for Chandler. And then adding Conley for Parker makes sense as I would probably still rather have Parker. But at least you are getting good value.

Please help with mine thanks: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?/topic/272448-big-dynasty-trade-jennings-for-steph-curry-whir/

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Thanks for all the feedbacks guys.

I've got a few new trades either I'm proposing or being offered. Mind giving me some feedback on these?

Trade 1: This trade was offered to me. Team #1 in sig.

I would get Paul Pierce if I give away Jose Calderon and DeAndre Jordan and he would be dropping Spencer Hawes from his roster to make room. I'm thinking to myself that this is really unfair and makes me want to chuckle a bit but I wanted some feedback first to see what you guys thought so I'm sure what I'll do. This is also the GM that recently traded me his Iggy for my Amare and that transaction is still going through.

Trade 2: I'm proposing this trade to another GM. Team #2 in sig.

I would offer my Boozer and DeRozan for his Ellis but I also want to try and net his Cousins. Would Cousins be a good fit for my team and do you think that would be a reasonable trade or should I just target Ellis?

Trade 3: Trade offered to me and I'm thinking of countering with this.Team #3 in sig.

He initially offered me three different trades all including Jason Terry for my Javale McGee. He made variations which including Jet and Blatche and another one was Jet and Redick. I declined the first two and plan to counter on the last offer with McGee, Pekovic, DeRozan, and Foye for his Rubio and Josh Smith. Haha, i know I'm going a bit out on a limb and it seems highly rejectable but what do you guys think? Any variations of this trade you can come up with my roster? Thanks.

Sorry for the big post. Any and all advice helps. As always, leave a link.

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