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The offer is Spencer Hawes, Tiago Splitter and Landry Fields for Trevor Ariza and Jamal Crawford.

I am in last place in this conference so mainly looking at solidifying the best 8 players to keep for next year.

I believe this is team 2 in my teams. It is the one in the 2nd year.

Currently I think (and since my first year certainly open to pointers) these are my top 8 on the team.

1. Evans

2. Bargnani

3. Varejao

4. Ginobilli

5. Matthews

6. Okafor

7. Kaman

8. Blatche

9. Crawford (backup in case Ginobilli retires)

Would Hawes be a better keeper than Crawford?

Thanks so much for reviewing my trade and if you are interested in my opinion for what it is worth please post yours.

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Go with Crawford because he said he was going to test the free agency so he may end up landing somewhere and boosting his value. if not, he still has good value nonetheless. Hawes has that ailing back problem and it doesn't look good. Just get other people's opinions also before committing to a drop or change. Maybe you could trade off Ginobili and package Blatche with him for some decent young talents for next year. Just an idea. Good luck!


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There's 12 teams in this league and yes this team is atrocious. Fair trades are ...non-existant. Tried trading Billups and ginobilli before injury and only offers I got were waiver wire guys for them.

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Also if you have a minute. Are these teams heading in the right direction or do I need my head examined?

Original 8 keepers for this team were - Billups, Ginobilli, Matthews, Blatche, Deng, Scola, Okafer

Again this is team 2 of my two teams. The much harder one to get ...rebuilt.

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One thing is for sure, in a contract year for Hawes, he stepped up earlier in the year. ;) Unfortunately, injuries have cost him recently but he was definitely a contributor with 27+ minutes. Does Hawes regress after receiving a new contract? Splitter, you may see him as the starter center for the Spurs next year (based on how he's played to date). Fields on the other hand is a big question mark (does JR Smith bring his talents as the starting SG for the Knicks??? or does Shumpert step into that roll next year???). Both Ariza and Crawford are veterans, they receive adequate minutes but the consistency is a question mark. Ariza is taking more of a scoring roll this year as a result of no Eric Gordon and lack of scorers on the Hornets, however, he could definitely be more consistent. Crawford's minutes aren't consistent (unlike a James Harden). As for next year, I just don't see anything drastic (on the up) coming from both Ariza and Crawford.

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Your team could be heading in the right direction but I'm sure you could do some transactions. If the league doesn't want to trade or gives you some bootsy offers, then I'm not too sure what else to expect. It's not your fault.

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