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I trade Evans/Cousins/Ridnour/Williams for CP3/Harden/Hilario


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Hey Rotoworld fam,

Thoughts on this trade proposal that's in the works. The other GM wants Cousins included in the trade and this is currently being discussed.

I trade: Tyreke Evans/DeMarcus Cousins/Luke Ridnour/Reggie Williams

I receive: Chris Paul/James Harden/Nene Hilario

CP3 would replace Evans at my primary guard position and Nene would replace Cousins in one of my forward positions.

Good trade for me?

Thanks to all who respond.

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You're getting the (current) #1 ranked player in fantasy. For NOTHING. Have to take it, like NOW

Nene is dealing with some injuries right now, so....

I'd take the trade and then try and get another forward (SF or PF) that rebounds, but contributes elsewhere too.


(I would try and trade Gordon for a F/C (4th round or higher) - play up that he'll be working out next week.

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