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Drop anyone for gallo/vasquez/richardson/kaman?


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10 team 9 categories H2H league.

Currently (18-18) 5th place overall

My team:

Tony Parker

Tyreke Evans

Steph Curry

DJ Agustin

Brando Knight

Joe Johnson

Nick Young

David West

Ryan Anderson

Gerald Wallace

Carlos Boozer

Dwight Howard

Demarcus Cousins

Free Agents:







I may also be interested in doing a 2-1 trade. That way i can have one droppable player on my roster to pick up hot hands each week or work the waiver to pick up more games per week. my league is set up for 7 damn moves a week so some guys are using up all 7 to get more games each week and have an advantage over teams which would normally beat them. &nbsp;I&#39;d be most interested in shopping <strong>(agustin (would get very low value for him)/young/west/evans/boozer/cousins/knight</strong

Heres how my team is ranked

pts- 1st by a good margin

rebs- 1st

3s - 1st (but top 6 are +/- 10) then the bottom tier are +/- 50

stls 3rd ( 1/2nd are + (10-20) 4th/5th are -15, and 6/7/8/9/10 are -50 or more

to - 4th ( 4-8 are pretty close, 9th and 10th are about + 100

blks- 5th (tied with 2 other teams, ten 8/9/10th are way below

asts-4th (1/2/3 are about +100 and 5/6/7 are -20-30, then 8/9/10 are way off


ft%-10th ( have never come close to winning haha) i have dwight

i guess the logical pickup would be in FG% and assists, maybe blocks as well.I guess i could work on stls and 3s as well as i have GREAT 3 point specialists but i also have players that put up no 3s at all so if one of my specialists hits no 3s im kinda screwed.

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yea gallo was dropped by another team thats 1 game ahead of me (26-28) vs my (25-29) i just don't know if i can make the playoffs with a 4 man playoff. i'm currently tied for 5th with 2 other teams. I'm TEAM GHOVANLOU and top two make the playoffs. you think i could still make it with an injured gallo and who knows when augustin will be back?

team 1 33-20

team 2 30-33

team 3 26-28

ghovanlou 25-29

team 5 17-36

HEAD 2 HEAD league so an injured player hurts quite a bit

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