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Someone wants to trade my Ray Allen and Javale McGee.....for his Steve Nash/Jordan Crawford....

I don't really want Crawford, so would it be an acceptable trade if I countered:

Nash/Dalembert or Nash/Emeka Okafor.....for my Ray/McGee?

Dalembert has been slumping, but he should pick it up right? Is this a fair trade?


Leave a link.

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I like the Nash/Dalembert side, might be better value on your side with that, but worth offering. I think Dally picks it up a bit, maybe not to the point where he was playing, but I like him over McGee since he gets you blocks while not killing yr FT.

help with mine?


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Yea, I think it's better for my side. I just hope Dalembert's slump factors into the manager's mind. Originally McGee was not involved, but now that he is, I don't want to go from being a leader in blocks to just average if I did not propose for Dalembert.

Thanks btw

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