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Time to drop Fields? WHIR!!


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Team #2 in my sig...

Thinking that Fields run might be over with everyone back playing....considering dropping him and picking up Biyombo....this will give me 3 players from CHA, but I think they will play a ton specially Kemba and Biyombo....what do you guys think??

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LOL!! I have to disagree here....Biyombo will get the PT in Cha and will be a great source of boards and ridiculous source of blks....

Fields is bad, this is true, but Biyombo is terrible. Can you bench fields and see if a better player comes along? I'd keep him if this is honestly your best wire option.


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I would make the swap...He will be getting a lot of run the 2nd half and like others have said you can find another Fields on the WW but if Bismack plays well you would have rebounds and blocks locked up

please help:


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