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Last Minute Trade Before the Deadline! WHIR

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Last minute trade before the deadline @ 3/8 11:59

My: Demarcus Cousins, Chris Kaman, Luis Scola

For: Marc Gasol, Jarrett Jack, Tiago Splitter

I'm leaning towards yes, but I would like some additional feedback before I pull the trigger. Thoughts?

Leave a link and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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looks good man. I guess Kamen and Splitter are pretty superfluous to the calculation (depending on what happens with trade deadline) - so as far as getting Gasol and Jack for Cousins and Scola you can't go wrong. I guess you'll take the rebounding hit, but should do nice things for your efficiency and those blocks from Gasol are so hard to come by.


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