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Dragic or OJ Mayo for the next few weeks - WHIR

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Should I drop Mayo for Dragic to use for possibly the next few weeks (2 regular weeks, 3 playoff weeks)?

(The clearer choice would be to drop Booker, but I need a big man for some rebounds/blocks for the next 2 weeks. I just added Evan Turner and dropped James Johnson, so I would be gambling with 2 hot players if I were to pick up Dragic.)

Dragic will probably beast in Lowry's absence, but should I just not add him (if I'll make the playoffs anyway-2nd place) and in case Lowry returns in 2 weeks instead of 4? (Lowry's timetable right now is 2-4 weeks) Dragic's numbers would most likely surpass Mayo's if Dragic continues to play; however, Mayo does have a favorable playoff schedule.


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