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The RFHL's charter teams are:

GM: Timmah! - Team: Unexplained Bacon

GM: Dr. Whom - Team: Hong Kong Cavaliers

GM: Baseball Jonze - Team: Basketball Jonze

GM: Mrkrab - Team: Indiana Hoosiers

GM: tonyg000- Team: tonyg000

GM: tyrone biggums - Team: The Jail Blazers

GM: max_murder - Team: Zombie Defense

GM: thaima1shu - Team: Ninjas With Attitude

GM: SwisherHouse - Team: TBA

GM: MustacheToes - Team: TBD

GM: King Gonzo - Team: Hershey's Hoopers

GM: BlackLagooner - Team: The Black Lagooners

GM: PhantasyPhreak5821 - Team: Phreak4Life

GM: thefantasyczar - Team: ShawnKemp's Kidz

GM/expansion waiting list:


Swirksy Stars

Monster Zero


Go Stros Go

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We still need unhidden email addresses from Jail Blazers & Hong Kong Cavaliers.

Once I have those email addresses, and the last team joins the league, I am going to randomly generate the draft order using the following URL:


Thanks for MrKrab for suggesting the idea.

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Dr Whom representing the Hong Kong Cavaliers.

Can you guess the movie my name came from Damien Killian?

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draft lottery will be going down tonight! watch your email.

i also suggest you track this thread. go to options and select 'track this topic', then pick the option that works best for you.

i'm going with weekly during the season, and daily in the off-season.

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