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Draft is open now gentleman. I freaked when I went to the yahoo page and saw "league drafting now."

I thought my clocks were wrong or something and that I was walking into the 5th round or something.

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we should start a bench coach topic with everyones teams, see what other people think.

Im talkin bench coach superthread.

go for it.....i'm curious to see just how mediocre everyone else thinks i'll be.

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I like my draft for the most part - though Yao's health will go a helluva long way in determining my fate. If I can get 75 games out of him I think i'll have a chance.

Yao Ming - Dominant center - BPA when I picked. I was hoping for Stoudemire, but knew he was going 8th.

Deron Williams - Probably a stretch at #20, but wouldn't have made it back at 37. Top 5 PG for next decade.

Luol Deng - Jack of all trades type, save three pointers. I just like the kid and the pick made sense here.

Elton Brand - It is a dynasty league, and he is a top ten talent when healthy. I guess I could have taken Oden here.

Rasheed Wallace - Hopefully gets Ce eligibility over McDyess for the Pistons as both are starting. Seems motivated and dropped 25lbs.

Al Horford - Hopefully he starts for the Hawks. Probably a stretch, but Ce eligible and getting solid camp reviews. More for future.

Tayshaun Prince - Jack of all trades, master of none. Was having a career year until CWebb was brought in last year. CWebb is gone.

Here's where I start to fall apart a bit

Nenad Krstic - I like the pick and all, just not a sexy name. I believe there was a mini-run on centers here. Should have taken Harris.

Rodney Stuckey - Looked really good in last pre-season game before breaking hand. Should have taken Yi. Harris/Yi>Stuckey/Krstic

Grant Hill - Really have to watch his health, but it is a daily league. Starting SG on PHX could fill up stat sheet when healthy.

Kenyon Martin - tried to get too cute here. Hasn't been healthy in forever and is a year older. Should have taken Jeff Green!!

Amir Johnson - Largely unknown outside of Detroit and Sioux Falls. Super sleeper in Dynasty league. Wanted to make sure I got him.

Hedo Turkoglu - Hopefully Orlando plays small ball with him starting at SF.

Jerry Stackhouse - Said to be starting in Dallas because he compliments Devin Harris' game better.

Sean Williams - Could develop into a solid rebounder-type. Won't get much PT this season.

Bonzi Wells - I like this pick so late. Played well under Adelman in Sacto and could get starter minutes backing up 2/3. Amir

Patrick O'Bryant - Yuck

Wilson Chandler - Isiah will play him just to make sure he doesn't look bad if nothing else.

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Hong Kong Cavaliers

1. (7) Steve Nash

2. (22) Tim Duncan

3. (35) Kevin Martin

4. (50) Jason Richardson

5. (63) Mehmet Okur

6. (78) Andrew Bogut

7. (91) Jameer Nelson

8. (106) Charlie Villanueva

9. (119) Devin Harris

10. (134) Paul Millsap

11. (147) Mike Dunleavy

12. (162) Shelden Williams

13. (175) Kelenna Azubuike

14. (190) Kyle Lowry

15. (203) Aaron Gray

16. (218) Tony Allen

17. (231) Linas Kleiza

18. (246) Bostjan Nachbar

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we should start a bench coach topic with everyones teams, see what other people think.

Im talkin bench coach superthread.

The bench coach thread is up. Now lets see what the rest of rotoworld thinks about the teams...

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Hey Mustache Toes. excited for the season debut of Tyrus tonight? I'm expecting a line of 12 points, 9 rebs, 1 ast, 2 stl, 3 blk.

Yeah I'm pretty excited to watch it, gotta find some time to catch it on the TiVo. Terrible line from him tonight though, I caught the first few minutes and I saw he picked up 2 cheap fouls.

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