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New 30 Team League - The Scouting Dept.

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The Scouting Dept is a 30-team money dynasty league with contracts, mulitple ownership, variable entry fees and variable salary caps which scores on ProFSL. This is an extremely deep league with large major and minor league rosters. All teams have a market value which fluctuates based on performance and perceived value (farm rankings and fantasy points of MLB players). The entry fees depend on your teams market value. Large market teams are more expensive to buy than small markets. You can play as a GM/Owner or as just an owner, investing in up to 5 teams with as large or as small percentage of ownership as you wish, or is available. The salary caps for each team also fluctuate based on market value; teams like Boston and NY have very high caps while small market teams like KC and TB are less fortunate money-wise. This creates a disparity in buying power between teams but is accurate to the current climate in the MLB. Like it or not the Yankees and Sox have more flexibility. Not to fear, fans of small market clubs! The payout structure is designed to award both performance and increases in market value. The goal is for good management to allow smaller markets to grow larger, and at the same time larger markets may lose ground if not managed properly. There's more incentive to invest in small market teams as the overall payout is larger relative to the entry fee (Boston may only double their money by winning, where as KC could quadruple theirs).

The scoring for this league is a 6x6 category based head to head system.

Scoring will begin on June 1st.

For more info please email me at: rob@profsl.com

Or visit our boards (rules and rosters still under construction) here: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=91.0

***Please be aware this league is for serious players only. We're looking for very active and knowledgeable owners***

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