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Bartolo Colon 2012 Season Outlook


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LOL another lazy fatass who tried to cut corners instead of working hard. Glad he got caught. Weed him out of baseball. Cya fatso.

He got his money. Now he can go eat cheeseburgers on the beach.

He'll be 500 pounds in 2-3 years. Worst body in baseball.

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Love it.....proves that PED's are not exclusive to guys that are bricked out. Even a fatty like Colon is taking Testosterone......It's pervasive everywhere in sportS.....

Nah. I truly believe that badminton is beyond reproach......wait.

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Bartolo Colon has been suspended for a positive PED (Pancakes, Eggs, and Danish Pastry) Test. MLB reported they had never seen a player consuming this level of PEDs. The suspension is a result of an issue with the plumbing at the Oakland Coliseum. The cash-strapped A's apparently had to petition MLB for financial aid to solve the toilet issues at the Oakland Coliseum caused by Colon's PED use. There were multiple daily visits by local plumbers to the Coliseum to correct "chronic plumbing flow issues", which were traced back to Colon. The bills were reportedly reaching unacceptable levels, as was Colon's rampant PED consumption. MLB had to step in and issue the suspension, as they were essentially left without a choice.

-Courtesy Rotoworld

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Something about passing through that Yankee clubhouse... ;)

Or the Dominican Republic.

Seriously. How long do we have to wait before Joey Bats and Edwin Encarnacion get busted?

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