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Drop Samardzija In 18 Teamer?


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Danny Duffy for me....who doesn't love young lefties who throw 97mph, w/a nasty hook and high K-rate?

Thanks for the help on mine.

EDIT: didn't realize you were gonna drop Samardzija for him though (clicked your link from my page)

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IDK... I'd say Samardzija is right on par or better than any of the guys you just mentioned. Hell, I own him in 2 of my 12-teams and I don't exactly love the Cubs. I like the excitement of Dan Duffy too, but I worry about him getting rocked by teams with potent offenses like he did last year. I'll pass on the other two and take my chances w/ Samardzija or Duffy.

Maybe you could just roll a die and assign each one a number.

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