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Free 20 Team Espn Keeper League Looking 4 Fanatic New Owners

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Super 20 Hardcore H2H NBA is the name of the league and if you are wondering WHY the name mentions hardcore is because you need to know NBA to be succesful in this league.

The league consists of 20 teams that each get to pick:

PG , SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, 3 UTIL, 4 BENCH and 1 IR

The league IS a keeper league and right now it is set for each owner to keep 10 players or less. We have a poll on main page where each owner gets to vote on changing the number of keepers in case you want to join but believe that number is too high. 10 keepers might seem much for new owners but a lot of owners that didnt do so well last year will blow up their teams to start from scratch. AND Since 6 teams will be replaced AND draft pick trading is allowed, a lot of players will still be available.

Those that join now will actually get to take over a team whereas new owners (those that join next season) will have to draft from scratch...

Scoring is in 9 cats (standard 8 plus turnovers)

We only want those that check their rosters and the waivers every day, WE ONLY WANT THE HARDCORE!!!

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If you take over now I will give you a pick of the following teams and you

can prevent your players from ending up in the FA pool for the draft.

Team BAWSE (Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, etc.) 14th in regular season

Slamajamah AH (David Lee, John Wall, David West, etc.) 17th

Team Tyler (Derrick Rose, Al Horford, Kevin Garnett, Jose Calderon, etc.)


Virginia High5ers (Kobe Bryant, Gerald Wallace, etc.) 19th

Team Oakes (Stephen Curry, Paul Pierce, etc.) 15th

Philly Truewinners (Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol, etc.) 13th

You CAN change the name of the team.Remember that your draft position is

reverse order of where you finish the season. I'm not sure how your

performance in the consolation ladder effects your draft position. I will

have to find out. Also remember that this will be a keeper league for years

to come, most likely with a high number of players you can keep so keep an

eye on which team has young players with upside

If you decide to take over any of these teams let me know your full name and

your geographical location. (we form divisions based on geographical

location like actual NBA)

Here is a link to the league so you can check out the whole rosters of the above mentioned teams...


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