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CBSSports.com Fantasy Football Notification


bean town boys and The Dancin' Clancies have agreed to the

following trade: Tony Gonzalez and Wes Welker for David

Garrard and Randy McMichael.

According to your league rules, you may vote to approve or

object to this trade. If 4 owners object before 1 days

pass, the trade will go to the commissioner for a final

ruling. Otherwise the trade will go through.

My team is the DanciN' Clancies, do you all think this is a good trade for me? Mcmichaels hasnt been doin crap for me, but Garrard has been pretty good, even tho he is on my bench because I have that bum BREES !!!

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That guy must be hard up for qb's. he needs academic aid of some sort, because he is a MORON. keep trading with him. good job IMO.

Thanks bro, and yes he is big time hard up for a qb, he wanted Brees from me at first and since Garrard has been consistent and putting up decent numbers , I talked him off Brees and onto Garrard.... which is good because Garrard has same bye week as Brees, so I didnt want to just drop Garrard at the beginning, so I held onto him knowing some QB'S might go down and knowing he would be a good QB to shop around... I actually picked Garrard as one of my sleeper picks before the season in one of these threads... just hope it makes it thru the voting period, no objections yet !!! lol

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The veto period is the hardest part. Id probably vote against it if I were in your league.

Very good move for you and good luck with the veto process.

So far there is only 1 objection, i need some luck on my side to make it to midnight and the veto period will be over, lol

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I really dont know where u guys find the idiots to accept this stuff but good work man Welker on his own is a steal...

There is no way that trade should be vetoed..just cause 1 owner makes a trade which is good for his team doesn't mean a trade should be axed. Veto's suck unless it's something like Tomlinson for Warrick Dunn or something obvious something funny is happening.

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