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Hey guys, is anyone familiar with cbs sports fantasy leagues... I was just curious, how long does it usually take for cbs to give you the info you need to collect your prize if you win a fantasy league? Ive read the rules and I understand that they will post something. I believe from what Ive read, is that they post something that I have to print out on my computer, then I have to get it notarized and send it back within 30 days in order to claim prize, if not you wont recieve it.... Just wondering if anyone knows how long it usually takes for them to post the letter that I need to print, because my league ended last Sunday and tomorrow will be a week. My league site already posted me as the champion just havent seen anything to print out, I just dont know if Im not seeing it or just dont know where it is... I figured Id ask because I only have 30 days from seasons end and I dont want to be late and lose out... I would appreciate anyones help... Thank you guys

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Sweeeeeeet !!!! I just got my Cbs sportsline check today !!!

Gotta love winning fantasy leagues B)

Congrats! I couldn't offer much because I'm not in any leagues that do that...we take care of the cash personally...

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