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Figures I finally get it on during round 5 and they say rounds 1-3 were the ones with all the violent action. THEY BETTER QUIT SLOW DANCING AND START DUKIN IT OUT LIKE REAL MEN AGAIN!!!!

Pavlick punished Taylor rd 1, but round 2 Tayloy buried him and knocked him down at 1:32 remaining, i couldnt believe that he didnt go down again, he had no legs at all, craziness

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Pavlick showed some quick strikes there. I just wish I could have seen the first 3 rounds.

My bad bro, I wish I posted this before the fight started....I didnt even think about till after RD 1... hey at least you still seen a great fight

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Wow just saw that hit that should have knocked him out. I can't believe he got up from that.

He is from youngstown ohio, and he took that shot and went down with 1:32 remaining in rd 2, you should of seen the ending of that rd, taylor was unloading on him and pavlick wouldnt go down again, no clue how he didnt but he was wobbling all over the place and keeping his legs, just insane

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