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I dont think Taylor can sell a PPV. He's the champion and he got booed throughout the whole fight. It comes down to the fact that Taylor is'nt liked. Like one of my friends said, he supposedly beat Hopkins twice and still cant get in the top 10 p4p rankings, while B-Hop is at 4 still. I dont think he's a PPV fighter.

taylor isnt a PPV fighter, but the first fight will be the seller. pavlik OTOH can sell fights for many reasons, but for one reason in particular...

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man i could've gone to the fights this w/e in LV but i couldnt. i gave my ticket to my uncle. i've seen barrera fight live twice in vegas but i've never seen pacman live. sucks.

i'll go pac-man 9th round stoppage. pacman started barrera's fade. dude is like 50 y/o in boxing yrs. they're both still 2 of my all-time faves.

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