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Davis never really struggled in the minors tho... from what I can remember. He always dominated the minors. Olt on the other hand is hitting .223 In Triple A.

True. Mike Olt has hit .223 in Triple A this year. He also had vision issues and has been better since returning.


My big concern with Olt is the strike out numbers. Chase Headley has big strike out numbers too thought and he seems to do alright.

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Following an absolutely awful start to his Cubs career, Olt has brought it against none other than Taijuan Walker today. Go figure.

It's scary that bringing it is 2 for 5 with 2 strikeouts.

I really hope Olt can turn it on a little bit enough to get up in September. He has always been a free swinger but that eye injury is something that really must be addressed. As far as I have read, they haven't corrected it, just given him eye drops. Someone somewhere surely knows how to fix tear ducts that don't lubricate.

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Posted · Hidden by The Harsh, March 25, 2014 - No reason given
Hidden by The Harsh, March 25, 2014 - No reason given

Mike Olt playing 3B for the 2nd straight game and 3rd in the last 4. Luis Valbuena also in the lineup at 2B, but even so I think this bolds well for him making the team.

I have my draft in about two hours and I am contemplating taking him as my last pick in the minor league draft. I prefer taking minor league talent very close to being called up that can help my team that year.

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