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William Powell 2012 Season Outlook

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My favorite thing about this thread is that it's the worst in the forum, it's so bad I actually like it, and even respect it in a sick way. It's a hideously diseased monstrosity out of the late night

Just read that Powell only has one testicle, but it's huge. Starting him with confidence.

The level of delusion in this thread is astonishing

Strongly considering a reckless last minute activation over DeAngelo.

Powell should play most 3rd downs and could get some early down work. I think there is RB3 PPR appeal here for those desperate.

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Yeah, thought about it!

I had to choose between Britt, Santana Moss, and Powell for the last W/R/T spot in a 3 WR/ 2 RB/ 2 W/R/T league. Ugh!

Decided to roll dice for Britt to suddenly heal, fall back is Moss, FML !

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27 pages and still 0% owned in Yahoo. Posers, all of you! :D

I own him in my yahoo 14 teamer PPR return yardage league.....

.....am I the only guy? Do I not exist? I'm having a Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense moment...

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It looks like the only time this guy even plays is in the no huddle package. Williams went down and Alphonso Smith came in, then some random white guy named Sherman came in.

He is literally the 4th string runningback on a team with the worst offensive line and running game in the league. This thread is borderline embarrassing haha

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Sherman just limped off! One more injury to Smith and they literally have to give Powell carries. Keep the faith Powell lovers

I'm guessing Arizona signs Selvin Young off the couch rather than actually give carries to their best back...

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this thread sucked from the beginning.

hype threads are at least supposed to be funny.

williams gets hurt and he stops seeing the field all together. sherman in on 3rd downs ... sherman gets hurt ... smith in most of the time...

POWELL WHEELS was pretty funny tho.

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lol I picked up Powell once i saw Williams got hurt because i remember a long thread on here! Who started this fake hype anyways?

Paging Mr FouLLine and Robrain... Appears all but certain that a hot serving of crow is in order.

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