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William Powell 2012 Season Outlook

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My favorite thing about this thread is that it's the worst in the forum, it's so bad I actually like it, and even respect it in a sick way. It's a hideously diseased monstrosity out of the late night

Just read that Powell only has one testicle, but it's huge. Starting him with confidence.

The level of delusion in this thread is astonishing

The equation we're all killing ourselves with currently is:

William Powell > LSH


LSH > William Powell

We need to realize that the equation should be:

William Powell & LSH < Most other backups in the NFL


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If I've learned anything from this thread, it's that it takes HEART to break tackles, not talent.

right on the money.. takes talent to gain those 5 yards, takes heart to gain that extra 3 or 4 Edited by NyMetsfan5
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As a Cardinals fan I think it was a poor coaching move not to rotate him with LSH. Larod is a 1 yd. or 30 yd. carry guy, he breaks one, or he goes nowhere. Up the middle he's goin nowhere, and WiPo gives you a better chance to get 3 - 4 yds.

But it's obvious that the AZ coaching is struggling with us on the fast track to a top 5 pick FML

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You sound worked up.

I apologize if you've taken this personally. But let me suggest that perhaps you are making it very hard for anyone to find the fine line between disagreeing and being "argumentative." I guess we could disagree more politely and that would be less argumentative? But then we might require the message forum equivalent of cuddling a quarterback to the ground, which is perhaps consistent with current NFL rules designed to protect QBs. :)

I do applaud you for not caring if anyone agrees with you. Besides, if we all agreed with you, your research would simply confirm everything you already know and you could skip the research and go golfing instead.

I respectfully express my opinion that any suggestion that William Powell will be anything close to Arian Foster in production this season or any other is very speculative, and such outcome is highly unlikely. But not impossible. This is just my opinion and nothing more. I think he's more likely to be Jackie Battle even if he gets playing time. If I'm proven wrong, then more power to those who have faith in him.

I don't take anything personal. I just said it's annoying when naysayers come in here with no facts or reasoning. It's easy to say he won't be anything like Arian Foster if people thought he would be they would have drafted him in the first round. I was just making the comparison.

We will see what happens. Right now if I had to put money on pick up of the year I'd bet on William Powell... And judging by the majority opinion in here I would think I would get great odds on my money.

Keep hope alive! Just when we thought Powell's status as pickup of the year was in doubt, he comes through with his 2nd best game in total yards from scrimmage. Get ready to eat crow, all you naysayers!

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Last year the top 10 backs in carries in the preseason were Anthony Dixon, Jamie Harper, Jonathan Dwyer, Dion Lewis, Jackie Battle, Khalil Bell, Roy Helu, Kendall Hunter, William Powell (35 carries for 86 yards, 2.5 YPC), Andre Brown.

None of those guys did anything in the NFL last year except Helu who had a nice stretch at the end of the season.

You seem to be measuring those RB's worth as if they actually had any kind of feature back role last season, which they really didn't. We're saying if William Powell gets the opportunity, he will then perform.

Over 70 yards from scrimmage yesterday! So you're sayin' there's a CHANCE!

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I remember one season back in the day I plugged Daunte Culpepper in as my QB on a matchup hunch, despite him being a useless turd all season. He blew up and won me the game, propelling me to the championship. I foresee a similar scenario playing out for our beloved William Powell.

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Fantasy playoff hero

That would be awesome. I think Powell is finally oit of the dog house now so I'm hoping he can get a good amount of touches. I'm taking a chance with McCoy injured.

Your starting a 3rd string RB?


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