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Finally not a SELVIN YOUNG THREAD !!

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Hey guys what are your honest opinions on Drew Brees, will he finally turn it around after their bye week and probably fixing any problems and rest he needed?

In my eyes, its not looking positive right now but with Brees being such a talented QB you never know; at any point he can have a bust out game and regain all of his confidence. I really think it is all about confidence with Brees at the moment and the coach to have confidence in Brees to not hold him back with play calling. This is all disreguarded if he turns out to have this secret shoulder injury that he is dealing with. But for right now, alot of things have to happen for NOs offense to click. Most importantly, Bush has to prove he can be a feature back as well as the big play guy. As soon as Bush owners are happy, you Brees owners will be happy as well because if Bush puts up numbers, Brees is sure to follow.

Help Me out here:


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