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12 team, 1pt./PPR league with starting lineups looking like:

QB / RB / RB / WR / WR / WR / TE / FLEX / K / DEF

6 points for any touchdown, 1pt. per 10 yards rushing and receiving, 1pt. per 25 yards passing

QB: P. Manning, Locker, Wilson

RB: CJ2K, Redman, Rodgers, K. Smith, Ingram, K. Hunter

WR: J. Jones, Jennings, Harvin, V. Jackson, B. LaFell, J. Gordon, R. Streater

TE: Olsen, Bennett

I am just going to pick up a kicker and a defense and cut loose two guys I can't use once depth charts get sorted out. What do you think?

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I went super heavy on receiver, and my reasoning behind it was to just load up on as many good receivers as possible and select some high upside second string options. I figure I can get by with CJ2K and Smith, Redman, or even Ingram for the first few weeks until Hunter or Quiz get their chances. If they don't get the kind of opportunities I anticipate, then I'll have to work the wire and the trades. Thanks for your input, this league is kind of funky and I'm looking to others to build my confidence. I posted in your thread.

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