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2012 Streaming Defense & Kicker Thread


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Everyone knows how this works, so i won't bother with explanations. Its also a lot more fun than just plugging one defense in all season long.

My first rotation of the year:

Texans, Bears, Bengals.


Week 1: Miami

Week 2: Jacksonville

Week 3: St. Louis

Week 4: Jacksonville

Week 5: Jacksonville (or Miami, pick one)

Week 6: Cleveland

Unless the Jags or the Phins are unexpectedly good, this should yield some interesting results.

Share your streaming strategies, thoughts on underrated D's, etc.

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own the bills in 2 leagues, pats in my 14 teamer

i love the cardinals dst as a matchup play ... also keeping an eye on KC ... and, wait for it ...

the rams defense. long, laurenitis, and what should be a much improved secondary (i think they lost like 5 CBs last year ... and added Finnegan/Jenkins) with a joke schedule.

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I have the bills in two leagues, just dropped Arizona in one league for them. I like Arizona as a target but I like the bills matchup w the jets better than Arizona at Seattle week 1.

As for kickers, I have Hartley in one league and dropped Akers for Greg the leg in the other. Hanson is actually available in the league I have Greg but i like having Greg so I'm gonna roll with him week one and see what happens.

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Didn't draft a Defense so looking at a few options for Week 1. Only have a 4 man bench in a 14 team league so keeping two really hurts depth. Here we go:

Vikings vs. Jaguars: Good chance of sacks IMO, but I think the expectations of INT's should be tempered. I like it overall, and MJD will be limited, but something tells me Gabbert and Blackmon are gonna show up.

Falcons @ Chiefs: If I could count on Cassel being mediocre, I'm sure the Falcons D can contain Charles/Hillis decently. But the offense has shown sparks recently and ATL is on the road. Lots of variables.

Seahawks @ Cardinals: I like both matchups for the D's here, but favor SEA. I think the only certainty for the Cards is that Fitz will find a way to have a good game. Seattle's run game should burn the clock and keep the Cards' score low. Neither of these D's is available in my 14-man league.

Bengals @ Ravens: New offense in Baltimore means there will be some mistakes. Flacco will recover, but not after some pain this game. CIN will get run over by Rice but they have a pretty good looking secondary. If Flacco gets full control of the no-huddle I'm thinking two INT's in a relatively close game.

Raiders @ Chargers: Sneaky pick here IMO, if Ford or Moore return. Mathews likely missing, McFadden should explode (yards/points wise, not injury wise...yet), and Rivers will be looking to make up for a down year. Pressure should build on the road for the Chargers who may end up winning, but I expect a turnover-heavy game. Not highest on my list, but an option if OAK WR's can play.

Anyone have a favorite this week?

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I like Pats this week. Hate to root against my team but Locker just doesn't have the experience to face the Patriots yet. I'm expecting an ugly loss with a couple picks given his bad accuracy. Wouldn't be surprised if New England gives up a couple big plays at all though.

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I like to try to grab up a week 2 defense right before week 1's games (to save myself from using a waiver or having someone else snatch them up).

Early good matchups I see so far: (some teams owned, some not, depending on your league):

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland (rookie Qb, rookie RB, on the road. Cincy is a very underrated defense. I think they're my top choice)

NY Jets vs. Pitt (Jets unowned in a lot of leagues surprisingly. Pitt loves to give up sacks, no running game at all, weak o-line)

NE vs. Arizona (personally don't like them, but the #1 projected week 2 defense in Yahoo...not that that means anything).

Buffalo vs. KC

what are your thoughts on these? Or any others you guys might see as sleepers for week 2?

I like CIncy personally. And they matchup with Miami, Jacksonville, and then Cleveland again all by week 6...so they're a team you can hold onto and use for a while.

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What defenses are you looking to stream next week? Here are a few interesting ones on my wire:



SD vs TB

Leaning towards OAK.

I have similar options, and am going with Cincy in all my leagues.

They have a very underrated defense (top 10 in almost every category last year). Defensive minded coach in Marvin Lewis, and a lot of young talent that will only get better.

But the REAL reason is their opponent. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Brandon Weedon might have had the WORST single game QB performance I have ever see in the NFL...ever. If the Eagles themselves didn't haev 6 turnovers, the Browns wouldn't have score 1 point.

Another multiple sack, multiple INT, low point total game for the Browns. Cincy is my #1 defense next week.

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is New England going to be better vs the pass?

Weren't they dead last a season ago vs the pass?

I wouldn't recommend wasting your time drafting NE's DST. It's probably going to be at least another year before they see any real improvement.

I'm rolling with NE week vs 2 vs ARI.

They play a bunch of weak sauce offenses this year.

Last year they finished 11th in fantasy scoring.

I'm guessing that number will possibly go down this year.

This is a quote from the thread that got shut down. I just wanted to point out that NE Def led the league in Takeaways last year with 34, despite there poor yards against. A combination of that stat, weak offenses across their division, and the improvements they made this offseason with the pass rush - makes this a very very good Def that before this week was on most everyones WW.

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justin tucker or greg zuerlein

everyone is coo coo for greg puffs but tucker being on a team that will be able to march it down the field, kick a lot of field goals and he can obviously kick the long one good as well.

Who will have the better season

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