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2012 Streaming Defense & Kicker Thread


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There was a general streaming defenses thread that was used throughout the year last year. Why not just take out the "week 8" in this thread and us streamers just use this thread to discuss streaming options from week to week?

Miami is my top target off the waiver wire this week.

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i'm between jets Def vs miami, miami def, vs. jets, and atl def vs. phi... i think i actually like atl the most, what do you guys think?

I'm in your same boat TeeGee...although its just between ATL d/st @ PHI or JETS d/st vs. MIA....

obviously, I'm thinking ATL/PHI will be higher scoring but better chance for a ST td.....NYJ/MIA game should be lower scoring, can see the Jets ST being big to make up for the lack of offense that is sure to happen with MIA d coming to town

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Own both the Packers and Pats D.. thinking about dropping the GB for San Diego this week. With no T-Rich, this could be pick city! Miami is available also....

Anybody want to choose one to start this week and one to hold ROS?

New England

Green Bay

San Diego


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Currently own MIA and OAK...picked up and played OAK on a hunch last week. They did ok. Should I roll the dice on them again, play MIA, or pick up DET or NYJ.

Also...if you owned both Gould and Hansen like I do would you drop Hansen to make space on your bench for RB depth. Owning 2 Ds and 2Ks has been killing my depth but has given me better matchup options.



Absolutely drop one of the kickers and or defense backups. It's one thing to have a backup defense but you're wasting away your bench depth. I'd say hang onto Gould.

Help on mine?


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Miami or Atlanta this week?

For some reason, I feel like the Philly O clicks this week at home after the bye.

I have NYG D....stick with them or jump to DET? I'm leaning towards hanging onto the G Men.

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I just picked up Suisham, and have NE. Loved NE last week (highest scoring DST in our league), but am not sure about them this week.

Suisham seems to be ranked in the 10-15 range across most of the rankings. Why aren't the "experts" higher on him? he's been pretty consistent (as much as a K can be). They trot him out a 2-3 times a week, and he's been averaging just under 10 pts/game. Washington also is a good matchup for kickers.

Miami & Atlanta are the two teams being asked about the most, I think. Both are on the road, and I think ATL get's their first loss of the year this week. Andy Reid after a bye week has been great, so I see this as a high scoring game, but yes, Philly will turn it over I'm sure.

Should I stick with NE?

I'd also like to do a preemptive pickup for week 9 of SD (KC) or DET (@JAX)

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Suisham injured his ankle? Any chance he doesn't start or gets pulled (like if he missed one early) because of this? My kicker is on bye, so I grabbed him, but maybe I'll go with Phil Dawson or Adam Vinatieri instead?

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We're getting to that time of year where weather can be difference maker. This could be welcome news for people holding Jets or Dolphins defenses.

"Forecasters on Thursday said there's a 90 percent chance that the East will get steady gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain and maybe snow starting Sunday and stretching past Wednesday."

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Anyone benching the Leg, bad weather in London?

I am. I don't know why, I have Crosby too. I'm kinda of torn between the two.

Also, about crosby, this news about him practicing 50 yarders isn't very promising to me. Im thinking of dropping him for another kicker. Any thoughts? Here is my waiver wire list....

2. 169. Barth, Connor TBB
3. 174. Hauschka, Steven SEA

5. 191. Bailey, Dan DAL
6. 196. Bironas, Rob TEN
7. 206. Henery, Alex PHI

10. 288. Novak, Nick SDC
11. 312. Forbath, Kai WAS
12. 331. Medlock, Justin CAR
13. 546. Potter, John BUF

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If Akers flops this week, i'm going with Bailey for the rest of the season. I had him last year, he is deadly accurate, especially inside domes (Cowboys play most of their remaining season indoors) and their offense is just about good enough to move down field without reaching the end zone. The match-ups are a bit tough but with Dallas being stuck in a hole as always, they will raise their level of play on offense and that should mean more opportunities for Bailey.

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Had picked up Bryant...given the weather forecast for the northeast,, decided to drop him and going with Akers. Hopefully turns out to be a good move!

Still deciding between NYG, DET, SD on the defensive side. Have NYG now. Any ideas?

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I tried to switch Blair Walsh out for Garret Hartley in my league but the game had already started. Doh! I think Hartley is obviously a good bet if he's in your leage, as well as Suisham.

Hartley is usually good for lots of PATs, not so many FGs. The Saints finish off their drives well (unlike the teams like the Rams).

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Keep rolling with the Vikings D this Thursday against J. Freeman and a Bucs team that has been doing pretty good?

Part of me knows Thursday games end up being a defensive goldmine...

Packers week 2 - 18 points

Giants week 3 - 16 points

Ravens week 4 - 12 points

Rams week 5 - 18 points

49ers week 7 - 11 points

Vikings are good at forcing turnovers. 10 on the year and 3 TDs and Josh Freeman is good for giving them up (8 in 7 games). Josh Freeman also has given up 8 sacks in 7 games. The problem comes with the fact that TB has been a decent scoring defense so most of their points are going to have to come from turnovers and sacks.

I think I like NE vs STL better this week.

Glad I made this decision.

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