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2012 Streaming Defense & Kicker Thread


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Didn't see a thread on this yet for this year.

Looking ahead, it seems to me the Bengals are a sneaky pickup for the next several weeks. Yes, they looked over-matched against the Ravens, but lI still think they've got some talent on their D. Moreover, look at their next 5 games:


Two games against the horrid Weeden offense and the equally horrendous Tannehill, mixed in with a Gabbert appearance (who will be due for a stinker from yester-year) and I'm thinking this is the team to own until they get to Pitt and their bye.

Thoughts/better options?

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I looked and didn't see where this topic was started, so here we go...

I'm in a 18 team league carrying 15 players per roster, so IMO streaming defenses (along with TE and K) is a preferred strategy as opposed to wasting a roster spot. Typically I'll run with the DEF that I drafted, then start streaming when my DEF hits its bye week.

However, I'm sitting on a shaky Detroit defense who is going up against the Niners without their best 3 players off their secondary (Delmas, Houston, and Bentley).

The team I'm looking for week 2 is the Redskins going up against the Rams offense. They had a very good showing last week against a superior Saints offense and are coming into week 2 as the #12 defense according to composite rankings. Richards of CBS has them at #3, Berry of ESPN at #7, and Fitzmaurice of PFW at #13.

Meanwhile, Fitzmaurice has Detroit at #30, Berry at #13, and Richards, who ranks only the top 24 teams, doesn't even have Detroit listed.

I don't know if the Redskins are a good play for the entire season. They made no out of the ordinary personnel changes. It's entirely possible that RG3 makes the defense better by reducing the amount of time the Skins defense is on the field. There is a reason why Rex Grossman's nickname is "RG 3 and Out."

So the Skins is my pick this week. Now I just need to muster up the cajones to drop Detroit.

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Cincy has a real favorable schedule these next few weeks so I'm rolling with them. I want to pick up Oakland but I thought they looked good because they played a mediocre San Diego team.

Cincy D next few weeks

vs. Cle - Yes, @Was - Maybe, @Jac - Yes, vs. Mia - Yes, @ Cle - Yes

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How do people feel about the Jets? Would you pick up the Jets or Cinci off the wire this week?

I'm looking for advice on this, as well. I have the Jets but no Revis this week and PIT could make some plays. CIN is available and I'm trying to decide whether or not to drop NYJ for them. CIN seems like the more favorable play.

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