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Add G. Olsen Or Rudolph?


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10 team H2H 2 QB league.

I currently have Fred David as my TE.

With Olsen and Rudolph available, should i add one of them for depth?

My Team:

QB - Vick, Luck

RB - McCoy, Mathews

WR - Julio jones, Dez B.

TE - F. Davis

WR/RB - R. Jennings, K. Smith, J. Stewart

DEF - Philly

Bench - Decker, Britt, Collie, Blackmon, Ponder, Dwyer

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I am strongly considering adding Rudolph.

I wanted Olsen but for some reason drafted Fleener from Indy and Gonzalez instead.

I have a TE, WR/TE, and FLEX spot. My third reciever is weak so just considering adding Rudolph to be that third receiver.

Ponder has to throw to somebody and a solid TE is a safebet when on the run.


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