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Flacco Or Locker Week 1? Whir


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Joe Flacco vs. Cincy


Jake Locker vs. New England

After the draft, I did a good enough job of convincing myself that THIS would finally be Flacco's year (despite experts predicting that for 3 years now). And I thought Cincy's banged up secondary would give him a good start. But Cincy held him to about 200 yards per game last year, and both were grind it out AFC North type games.

Locker seems to be the darling of the last few days. Obviously will be playing from behind vs. NE. Even without Britt he has quite a few weapons, and NE allowed 290 yards per game passing last year. And his running ability on top of that should provide 30 yards or so bonus.

But Locker seems like much more or a risk, and that passing accuracy is always a worry.

Do I pull the trigger and take the risk with starting Locker? (wouldn't have to drop Flacco, by the way).

Thanks. And as always, WHIR.

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Hate to make it more difficult on you, but I like Flacco. Bengals secondary is without Dre Kirkpatrick for this game and I think this new "no-huddle" thing from Flacco will help their passing game.

Yeah, that no-huddle had me buying into the Flacco hype during my draft. But they've been hyping him up the past 3 years, and he's just been the same old solid QB.

Might be a choice I make when I wake up drunk/hungover Sunday morning. That's when I usually make my best life decisions.

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Child, please! Do I have to headbutt you! :rolleyes:

Ochocinco jokes aside, I would have to positively start Flacco. Here is a good rhyme that may be able to help you the next time you are in a similar predicament:

Go with what you know -- and don't be slow to the show -- go -- go with Joe Flacco!

Haha. This joke and follow-up rhyme were almost so horrendous that I'll have to go with Locker just to separate myself from this post. Haha.

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