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3 Sp: I.kennedy, P.hughes, J.hellickson, M.minor, J.parker, J.lester

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Head-To-Head league, which 3 guys would you start this week?

Thanks, leave your link

- I.Kennedy: vs SD (Stutls) and @ Col (J.Francis)

- P.Hughes: vs Tor (H.Alvarez)

- J. Hellickson: vs Bos (F.Doubrant) and vs Tor (R.Romero)

- M.Minor: @ Phila (R.Halladay)

- J.Parker: @ NYY (I.Nova)

- J.Lester: vs Balt (Z.Britton)

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Hellickson, Minor, Hughes. The friars are doin' work, I have been staying away from the Padres as they've killed whoever I rolled out for the past month or so. Just bad luck, I guess, but since the other matchup is in Colorado, I don't like Kennedy there. Give me Hellboy, Minor and Hughes. Good luck.

Help?: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?/topic/304608-playoff-week-roster-help-whir/

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Well with the counter intuitive stuff, why not roll him out at Coors. It's either crazy or crazy like a fox . . . plenty of players have been streaming and losing lately, getting hit with the dreaded Cleveland Streamers . . . It'd be extra cred to win a key playoff week by streaming a pitcher to go at Coors Field. Why the heck not. Good luck.

Thanks for the help w/ mine. (My 3 picks from above are still what I'd do, though. LOL)

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