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Wk3 - Ppr Who To Start? Britt, Harvin, Or Lloyd? Ap/charles/mbush/drichardson? Whir


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.05 PPR

Need 3 RBs to choose from.

Everytime I start Charles, he never performs... Hesitant on starting him again even though he's against NO.

AP is against Niners, but I personally think you cannot sit Peterson. The one time I did, he was limited and still put up 2 TDs.

Bush I think is a must I believe.

Daryl Richardson seems good if Jackson is out/limited...

Need 3 WRs to choose from.

Calvin is a must I believe...

Britt is questionable, but I think upside could be huge...

Lloyd is limited and although has the most targets on NE, they're playing a tough ravens D... worth starting?

Harvin against Niners...

WHIR! Thank you!!!

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