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Paul George 2012-2013 Season Outlook - Ascension Into Stardom?

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Nah, he's trying to tell you to wait longer than 1 quarter before overreacting.


He posted this on twitter the day after that Kings game Put up 500 jump shots.. #NewRoutine gotta get my s--- back! http://instagr.am/p/SwdgUunMqA/ Be patient with him.

I wouldn't let him go for anything less than a second round talent. The problem is - you're not getting LBJ or Durant type; you can maybe swing Westbrook type, considering owners are going to get frustrated with some glaring inconsistency - and if you're not getting that sort of return, why do it?

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Not sure i did a very good job stating my opinion. I can see a deal for a 1st round talent happening if he has flaw(s), I.e. RW, but I think people that own George are going to have more confidence that he has reached and will maintain a new level. Non-owners won't want to give up players that have already been at a 1-2 round level and been there for an extended period of time, I.e. LBJ or KD. As a George owner, you have to ask for that type of compensation, though. Getting adequate return will be difficult, IMO.

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Scary thing about George for those who don't own him is watching him it really seems like he's just scratching the surface of what he can do. He gets the hustle stats and 3's which is already a rarity, but his efficiency should increase a great deal as he matures in the league. Top 15 numbers are awful nice for a 22 year old who has that much room for improvement.

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His next step is to improve on the road, improve ball handling, and basically attack the rim more so he can get to the FT line more often.

Btw, it seems like the refs haven't been giving him any respect at all this season. Hopefully that starts coming.

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