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16 Team Dynasty Baseball League ( New League )

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Hi everyone.

Are you looking for a new league to join? Looking to expand your fantasy leagues? Looking for a brand new start up from scratch to be part of and grow with long term? Are you sick of public leagues not being flexible with setup? Look no futher. Come join this awesome new league!!

The email address to contact me is:


Here are the league details:

16 Teams

H2H format

Daily Lineups

Dynasty league

Private commissioner league

MLB Team names and Logos

Leauge Cost: $35

I am a very engaged diedhard fan of baseball and fantasy baseball. I follow the minors and MLB teams all the same. I live and breathe baseball for lack of better words. I am seeking like-minded fantasy baseball owners. I am searching for guys who follow baseball and fantasy baseball year-round. Guys who are constantly engaged in their teams and the sport. Mature guys who like good hard clean compeition. Guys who won't quit regardless of team outcome. The league is a full-dynasty league, and with only 16 teams most teams will be very competitive and those teams that are not, it won't be to hard to rebuild if need be. So, if you are an avid fantasy baseball owner and looking for a league that is a year-round league and can provide a good knowledgeable owner to this league with a high-level of engagement please feel free to contact me at the above email address for further discussion.

The league will begin this off season with two drafts.

First draft will be our 15 round prospect draft. ( 200 AB's for batters and 100 IP for pitchers) Count as prospects

Second will be our 26 Round MLB Player draft.

Team Rosters:

















10 reserves

5 DL slots

15 Minor league slots


8 teams make the playoffs

Division winners are locked in ( 2 division winners per American & National league )

Each league ( American & National ) will also both have 2 wild card teams that make the playoffs- The Wild card criteria is determined by the 2 best teams in each league after the Division winners are locked in.

Round 1 of playoffs:

8 Teams 4 American League teams and 4 National League teams.

Division winners are locked in at #1 and #2 seeds in both leagues ( The seeding of these 2 teams is done via the tiebreaker) and 2 wild card teams are #3 and #4 seeds.

#1 seed vs #4 seed

#2 seed vs #3 seed.

This is for both American and National league.

Round 2:

the 2 winners in each league play each other - 4 teams

Round 3:

AL Champion vs NL Champion

Payouts Structure:

League champ gets $150

Conference champ gets $75 ( American League )

Conference champ gets $75 ( National League )

Division champs gets $25 each ( 4 divisions)

I am looking for serious mature owners who want to build a league from scratch and be a long term member. Owners must be " invovled" and " engaged" in all league discussions, etc etc.

So if your interested and want more information, league scoring and our league constitution, please email me at the email address I provided at the top of this post. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Contact me : Northernlife1@gmail.com

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