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Qb To Start (Pick 2) - Week 5 Schaub, Fitzpatrick Or Kolb

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Greetings Rotoworld Fam,

Week 5 is upon us and who to pick out of these 3 QBs:

Schaub @ NYJ (rank 4th in passing defense - 5 TDs allowed to date) ***Monday Night Football**

Fitzpatrick @ SF (rank 5th in passing defense - 5 TDs allowed to date)

Kolb @ STL (rank 11th in passing defense - only 2 TDs allowed to date) ***Thursday night Football!**

I'm leaning towards Schaub and Fitzpatrick but I wonder about Kolb. I'm just not confident in starting him right now about obviously the past 2 games for him show he's the man with the starting QB job.

What do you think? Thanks to all in advance. I'll take a look at some of your postings and give feedback accordingly.

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I think by process elimination you go with Schaub and Fitz. My initial thought was Schaub and Kolb, but that Fitzpatrick is the prince of garbage time (Cassell being the King). Even if SF locks him down for most of the game, he will very likely get his points in the end. I thnk Kolb's ceiling is 230 and 2TD this week. Much more upside with Fitz, despite the tough matchup.

I think you gotta start Schaub in this matchup, understanding the risk that he might hand off the entire 2nd half. I have a similar question, so please help!


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