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Please Read Before Asking Questions


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Before asking a question please consider two issues:

1. This board can be a very valuable tool throughout the season but only if everyone who asks questions responds as well. So, before you ask a question, go through the questions already on the board and RESPOND TO A FEW. Remember, the more thought you put into your responses, the more thought others will put into answering your question. Don't worry if you aren't an expert yet, your opinion counts and you get credit for trying on this board.

2. Just so it is easier for others to help you, it would help greatly if you posted a few things in your thread, or in your signature. Here they are, just to keep the threads cleaner and get you answers quicker!

1) Number of teams in your league.

2) Roto or H2H?

3) Your categories.

4) Weekly or daily lineups?

5) Your full roster

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Why was the thread I started nearly a year ago on this subject replaced by this one?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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