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Openings In $100 Roto Auction Keeper League On Espn

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We have a few openings in the third year of a $100 roto auction keeper league.

10 teams, standard 8 categories. 10 starting players, 5 bench. Every team keeps up to 5 keepers every year. Salaries increase by $5 for all players, so top players are always available in the draft.

One unique thing about this league is that there are no position requirements (no minimum or maximum G,F, C). You can fill your starting roster with any 10 players/positions you like.

I have been running fantasy money leagues, which have included many Rotoworld posters, for more than 5 years.

If you would be interested in taking a look at the available rosters or have any questions, please post in this thread with your e-mail address, e-mail me at guy.incognito.poker@gmail.com, or shoot me a PM.

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Do you use leaguesafe?

No, I've had several problems with LeagueSafe, and if you check my post history, you'll see that I've run money leagues in baseball and basketball for several years without any problems.

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