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Should I veto this trade?


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Here are two teams and where they stand. Several people in the league have voiced opposition to this deal. Need some neutral advice on whether I should allow it or not.

12 team.. .33PPR (top 6 make playoffs)

Team A: 5-6 (7th place - fighting for a playoff berth)

QB: Eli, Freeman

RB: AP, Spiller, Felix

WR: Calvin, Welker, Lloyd, Antonio Brown

TE: Miller, Olsen

Team B: 3-8 (11th place - out of contention)

QB: Payton

WR: Bowe, Djax, MWilliams, Hartline

RB: Alf, Sproles, Pierre, Redman

TE: Gronk

Team A is offering Felix+Olsen+Lloyd to team B for Alfred Morris.

The rationale is that Olsen will replace gronk, and Lloyd is an upgrade at WR for Team B.

The concern is that Team B will be very thin at RB with Fragile (backup) Felix this week and going forward.

There is also concern that Team B is apathetic because he is out of contention.

Dwayne Allen and Keller are both viable FA options.

I hate to veto trades, but there is alot of disapproval about this, especially from the other bubble teams.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I think the trade is fair,if anything Team A is giving up too much. As long as its fair you have to let it go. I understand the other bubble teams are mad because it is going to help a guy chasing them for the last spot. Ask the guys in 1st and 2nd what they think because its not them he is going after but I say its more than fair. Only true one sided deals get vetoed. Also its not your job to worry about a teams health going forward as is your arguement about felix.

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