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For team 1, is Morris the best FA available? He'll obviously be better than Ersa for the short term, but long term I think it is anyone's guess.. I would probably drop Ersa now and then you can always keep your eye on him because I don't see many people picking him up the way he is right now

Team 2, i'd probably pick up Jonas but it looks like you have plenty of big men .. what cats are you weak in? Maybe a utility guy who gets steals

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Ilyasova can only really be held for at most 2 more weeks. Generally if you're healthy, getting PT, and playing like crap for the first 6 weeks, then unless you're at least Pau Gasol-tier you deserve to get dropped.

Normally I'd say drop Ilyasova immediately but if you have a comfortable lead you can afford the wait.

Shved must go for Jonas.


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