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Just got offered A. Iguodala FOR M. Beasley+D. Jordan WHIR


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Hey Rotoworld Fam,

As the title shows, I just got countered with the following trade (below). Originally, I had offerred McGee+Beasley but he would rather have Jordan. I wonder when coach Karl will let McGee loose! I picked up Markieff Morris and Maurice Harkless last evening and have a waiver claim on Seraphin but it's not certain I'll be able to get him. J'Oneal is still on the waiver wire though. What do you think? Getting Iguodala AND I wouldn't have to give up any guards (Dragic & Hill) and I would still retain J-Smoove.

I receive: A. Iguodala

I trade: M. Beasley+D. Jordan

Should I accept the trade?

Thanks to all who respond.....what a boring evening without bball LOL


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I would trade Beasley and Jordan for Iguodala. Jermaine O'Neal is a decent fill in for Jordan considering it's a 20 team league. The only problem is there's a very good chance he will be a headache dealing with injuries. Phoenix has done very well with keeping older, injury-prone players healthy in the past though so there's some hope there.

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