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Moving a Big for a Gaurd (B.Lopez vs Lillard) WHIR

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Looking to balance out my team as I am very PF/C heavy and the other team is thin at PF/C and stacked with PG/SGs. Some potential offers are:

1) My: Brook Lopez

For: Damian Lillard

2) My: Glen Davis

For: Grevis Vasquez

3) My: David Lee

For: Monta Ellis

Which trade do you guys like best? I am proposing so I can propose them all, but just want to see if there's anyone people prefer that I should try first.

As always, leave a link and I'll return the favor.


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I would be more inclined to keep Lopez, him and D. Will's chemistry is starting to pick up. Although he isn't averaging too many rebounds, at 7 feet tall it's just a matter of time before he starts averaing a double double.

So it depends, if you're in need of assists go with trade #2, if you're in need of points go with trade #3, then I saw you have KD on your squad lol if I were you, I'd go with trade #2.

If you don't mind... http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=323649#entry3185338

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I like Davis for Grevis. The others aren't really in both teams interest. Lee>Ellis and Lillard >Lopez though i really like Brook this year and wouldn't deal him. Its hard to find a Top 10 C.

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