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Offer my Mullens for Hibbert? WHIR


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I was reading around and I saw someone offering their Byron Mullens for Roy Hibbert on a buy low trade. And then Mullens went off against the Wizards tonight lol but I think Hibbert can still help my team out in other cats than points what do you guys think? I have Mullens, and my team is in the sig.

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I personally would rather have Mullens because he helps in Scoring and Rebounds with some help in Blocks and 3PTs. It looks like you have Anderson doing pretty much the same thing. Mullens is across the board better though so unless you get another player in addition to Hibbert I would keep Mullens.

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You know what, I hadn't realized Anderson is pretty much doing what Mullens does haha. The only other player on his roster that strikes me is Loul Deng, you guys think I would be able to package someone else alongside with Mullens to get both Deng and Hibbert, that would also make me better off? Or any other trade that I could do with any other of his players?

The other guy's roster is:

Kyle Lowry

Kevin Martin

Danilo Galinari (whom I dropped earlier in the season)

David Lee

LeMarcus Aldrigde

Russell Westbrook

Andrea Bargnani

Metta World PEace

Loul Deng

Blake Griffin

Mike Conley

Roy Hibbert

Chanlder Parsons

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yea, just take hibbert....even though mullens has been great, it's too small of a sample-size to know if he can play at this rate all year. with hibbert, you know what youre getting, and he can single-handedly win u blocks.

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