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Week 5 - Bench Josh Smith this week & start Jermaine O'Neal?


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Hi Rotoworld fam,

I have the following lineup for week 5 below. I have BOTH Josh Smith and JaVale McGee on my bench this week. Josh Smith only has 2 games against Charlotte and Cleveland. McGee has been pretty inconsistent with minutes since he's comking off the bench (Ugh!). As an alternative, I've benched Josh Smith and inserted Jamaal Tinsley since Mo Williams is down with an injury and hopefully I get some good stats this week from Tinsley. As for the center position, I do have O'Neal who has 4 games and is playing pretty well.

G- Goran Dragic (4 games)

G- George Hill (3 games)

F- Andre Iguodala (3 games)

F- Metta World Peace (3 games)

C- Jermaine O'Neal (4 games)

Util - Markieff Morris (4 games)

Util - Jamaal Tinsley (4 games)

What do you think?

Thank you and good luck this week to all!

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