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IR Spot - Bogut, Bynum or Gordon


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Hard to tell if any of them will play anymore games this year haha.

But if I had to I would stash gordon in case he get's miraculously healthy enough to play if he's traded. Unless you can stash Bynum until around then 10th if there is better news by then and decide on gordon if he's still there..

Andrew Bynum (knees) will have another MRI on Dec. 10, and the Sixers are leaving his return date entirely in Bynum's hands.

"We don't want to fool anybody, anymore," a very honest Bogut said. "It takes a toll on me personally and on the organization. Let's make it an indefinite leave until I'm ready."

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I think Bynum needs to return sometime this season if he expects any kind of high contract. I just think given the injury, he might be out for longer than expected or perhaps the season. Gordon seems like the closest to coming back only because there has been no news about any kind of set back like the other two. I guess we will see what Santa brings on the 10th.

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